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Autoaqua Digital Inline TDS - Titanium S3

Артикул: 6604

Titanium S3 is a in-line TDS meter, with 3 probes, which allows you to measure, control easily and precisely the level of the total dissolved solids (TDS) at 3 places of your choice

49,90 *

тэрмін пастаўкі 1-5 days

Glamorca Reverse Osmosis RO1

Артикул: 3458
The GLAMORCA reverse osmosis system produces optimal water for marine and freshwater aquariums.
299,90 *

тэрмін пастаўкі 1-5 days

Glamorca activated carbon filter

Артикул: 3459
The active carbon filter removes volatile organic chemicals (VOC), pesticides, herbicides, chlorine and many other harmful chemicals.
9,90 *

тэрмін пастаўкі 1-5 days

Glamorca deionization filter

Артикул: 3460

The deionization filter makes it possible to produce a water of very high purity.

19,90 *

тэрмін пастаўкі 1-5 days

Glamorca Sediment Filter

Артикул: 3461
Sediment filter removes sediment particles such as sand, silt, dirt, rust and other impurities down to nominal size of 5 micron.
8,90 *

тэрмін пастаўкі 1-5 days

Glamorca reverse osmosis membrane

Артикул: 3462
The reverse osmosis membrane filter removes 99,9% of chemicals, dissolved solids, metals, bacteria and viruses from the water.
64,90 *

тэрмін пастаўкі 1-5 days

Glamorca union female adapter

Артикул: 3463
This faucet adapter is suitable for connection to a 3/4" faucet to supply the RO1 reverse osmosis system with water
3,90 *

тэрмін пастаўкі 1-5 days
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